Transform your business
with our digital mailroom
platform “One Office”

eConnect Plus provides your staff with the
tools to perform activities that are integral
to your business’s operations. Improving
productivity and letting them spend more
time on your core business.

eConnect Plus One Office

Business Support Services that help you manage your existing
Mailroom operations and transition to the Digital Future

Created to help you Grow

DIY Direct Mail

The perfect tool to target specific
streets where a tailored message is
required – saving you time and money.

Email/SMS + Social Media

Professionally designed mobile
friendly templates with hassle-free
drag and drop editor.

Data Tools

Our advanced “Human Touch” logic
enables batches of existing address
data to be cleansed in real-time, in the
same intuitive way a human would.

Not just a Monthly
Subscription relationship.

Unlike the online business applications developed overseas, eConnect Plus
understands the Australian marketplace and have developed our applications in
Australia for the needs of Australian companies. We build new age applications
but deliver them in a traditional customer focused manner.

The easy way to Automate

Electronic Signature

Reliable and trusted electronic
signature service – one click can get
the signature captured, document
returned and confirmation sent.

Workflow Automation

Invaluable tool for you to free up your
time to work on more important
things, a non-intrusive approach by
augmenting your current practices.

Digital/Hybrid Mail

Reduce the hidden costs of mail with a
single mouse click. Prepare documents
from the desktop seamlessly for us to
print, fold, insert and lodge.

Get the most out of our One Office platform
with our exceptional training programs.

eConnect Plus provides your staff with full training on the “One Office” digital mailroom platform. Training is ongoing and is done at no extra cost to you. So, when staff change roles or a new staff member joins your organisation, they can get up to speed quickly on the tools they need to do the job.

The right tools to Protect

Secure Mail

Secure Mail takes the unknown out
of mail delivery and put you in
control of every stage of the delivery
from production through to delivery.

Inbound Mail Manager

An onsite mail processing solution that
takes the worry out of mail delivery and
puts you in control of every stage of the
delivery from receipt through to delivery.

Secure eMail + Digtial Mailbox

Easily send a secure email with the
knowledge that the eConnect Plus
email encryption protects subject, body
and all attachments from prying eyes.

Transition to a Digital Future

eConnect Plus’s vision is to lead the industry in helping Australian
business’s transform their mailroom operations by improving their
existing processes and building next generation tools that will assist our
customers transition to a Digital future.

The smart way to Deliver

Mobile Mailroom

A dedicated eConnect Plus service that
visits your business daily to collect any
outgoing mail and parcel despatches.
The collection occurs at the same time
each day, and is done at no cost to you.

Freight Management

Advanced features such as quick
quotation from multiple freight providers,
bulk upload for multiple despatches,
ability to load frequent addresses, and
easy cost centre referencing.

Mailroom Supplies

eConnect Plus has harnessed the
collective buying power of our broad
customer base to negotiate the best
price on large range of mailroom
supplies to benefit you.

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