Protect Your Business

“Industry First App” Prepare Tracked
Mail and Registered Post online or
send communication securely via
our Secure Messaging and Digital
Mailbox service.

Secure Mail

Secure Mail takes the unknown out of mail delivery and puts
you in control of every stage of the delivery from production
through to delivery.

Courier service at
a fraction of the cost

eConnect Plus provide all of the features of
a courier service at a fraction of the cost.
When you need to know where your mail is
then Secure Mail is the service for your

No more sticking labels onto you mail and
manually recording the number then hoping
it arrives on time. With Secure Mail your
documents are prepared online, each letter
is printed with a unique article identifier so

if you need to see where you article is you
can enter the article number into the
tracking page on our website or visit your
portal to view the information.

Everything at your finger tips

No need to build your own IT systems to get
started using Tracked Mail and Registered
Post Imprint services. eConnect Plus will
have your organisation up in minutes.

Via this service customers can:

  • 1. Upload a single document or a batch of documents
  • 2. Choose the speed of delivery from Regular or Priority
  • 3. Select the service Tracked Mail or Registered Post
  • 4. They can print to a local printer or send the file to eConnect Plus to prepare the lodgement

Secure every step of the way

Just like a courier service Secure Mail
tracks the mail piece every step of the way:

  • 1. File receipt
  • 2. Printing and folding and inserting (using an integrity mailing system)
  • 3. Lodgement with Australia Post
  • 4. Arrival at the Australia Post Delivery Centre
  • 5. Scan into the customers letterbox (Tracked Mail)
  • 6. Signature receipt (Registered Post)

Inbound Mail Manager

A mail processing solution that takes the worry out missing
or delayed mail deliveries.

Putting you in control

Inbound Mail Manager takes the unknown
out of mail delivery and put you in control of
every stage of the delivery from receipt
through to delivery.

eConnect Plus provide all of the features of
a offsite mail processing company without
the price tag.

Automatic delivery

Via our Internal Mail Redirect service customers can:

  • 1. Bulk upload and manage your corporate directory
  • 2. Scan and upload their daily inbound mail
  • 3. The addressee details are matched against your directory
  • 4. Mail is automatically delivered where there is 100% of the addressee to the directory
  • 5. Where the is a mis match the operator is notified and can manually send or update the directory and resend
  • 6. You choose delivery channel
    • • Traditional email
    • • Secure email, or
    • • Digital Mailbox

Inbound Mail Manager tracks the mail piece every step of the way:

  • 1. Mail piece upload
  • 2. Mail delivery
  • 3. Staff member receipt

Secure eMail and Digital Mailbox

If you are concerned about the privacy and security of your
email conversation and want them to be private and secure.

Secure standards guaranteed

We guarantee that your details and data are
always encrypted and is backed up by our
Australian based Data Centre partner, NTT
Next DC, who operate to ISO 27001 Security

Easily send a secure email with the
knowledge that the our email encryption
protects subject, body and all attachments
from prying eyes. Import all your contacts
into our encrypted address book, and rest
assured that nobody else can access your
contacts’ personal information.

Multi factor authentication

For extra security all secure messages can
be locked down with multi factor
authentication. For communication between
trusted parties that is ongoing and needs to
be completely oine then we oer a secure
Digital Mailbox connection where
messages, document and conversations are
protected to ISO 27001 Security Standards.