Automate Your Business

The easy way to Automate. Save time,
improve eciency and create
automated workflows, that create
Immediate cost savings.

Electronic Signature

Whether you’re approving a purchase, closing a sale, or
signing an agreement, it’s easy with our reliable and trusted
electronic signature service.

One Click and it‘s done

Make your business stand above the pack
by connecting the electronic signature
service with an automated workflow and
one click can get the signature captured,
document returned and confirmation sent.
For a multiple signature document, you
control who signs where and within a
document through our workflow signature

Save Time and
Improve Efficiency

Benefits of using Electronic Signature:

  • + Improved efficiency by getting your documents back quicker
  • + You can track your document through all points of its fulfillment life cycle
  • + Your customer saves time by not having to print, sign, scan and email or post
  • + You can automate the documents’ delivery method
  • + A copy of your signed Documents are securely stored
  • + Credentials are applied to each signature step
  • + Added features like SMS password can be added to verify the receiver’s identity

Workflow Automation

Use our workflow app to engage with your target audience.
Learn about how they want to receive information and what
makes them respond. Save money by using low cost services
and automate other options for alternative delivery methods to
ensure your message get to your entire database.

Improving your process

Upload your document and database and let
our workflow engine find the best way to get
it in front of your target audience. Create
your own workflow using our drag and drop
editor which offers sms, email, regular mail,
tracked mail and Registered Post as deliver
options. Receive emails when checkpoints
have been reached requiring you to update
date content.

Personal support

eConnect Plus provides local phone and
personal support to assist in setting up
these tasks.

We also conduct Master Classes on each
of the applications to help you make the
most of the functionality. If the workflow
needed doesn’t exist we can readily
develop it. Even the smallest business can
look like a Corporate if their systems are
set up correctly.

Systems that flow

Set your own business rules as to how you
want the flow to happen and use our artificial
intelligence engine to learn about the best
channel and best time to get through to your
target audience.

Benefits include:

  • + One step communication tool that ensures you get the message to your entire audience
  • + Setting low cost deliver options keeps the overall cost down
  • + Our Artificial Intelligence builds a user profile and learns the best time and channel to get quality time with your audience
  • ++ Save templated campaigns to be used or reused at a later date to improve productivity

Digital/Hybrid Mail

eConnect Plus Digital enables our customers to prepare
their communication documents from the desktop and
submit them seamlessly for us to print, fold, insert and lodge.

Direct from your desktop

To achieve this, eConnect Plus utilises our
proprietary CommSafe Mail software. We
ensure consideration is given for our
customers’ branding, work-flow and
preferred delivery channel. eConnect Plus
Digital helps eliminate unstructured, ad-hoc
mail processed by staff within your

Reducing costs

Reduce the hidden costs of mail with a single
mouse click by delivering the administration
and processing of mail to us. Our Desktop
mail service is tailored to individual customer

Benefits eConnect Plus Digital delivers:

  • + Immediate cost savings
  • + Increase control and reduce corporate risk
  • + Reduce returned mail
  • + Increase accountability and transparency
  • + Reduce your carbon footprint
  • + Ensure brand consistency

Inbound Parcel Tracker

“Reduce Parcel Costs Management by 70%”

Scan Parcel Labels

Parcel Tracker will extract the name of the recipient from the label without any manual data entry or barcodes. It even works with hand written parcels.

You can scan multiple parcels in one go and send out batch notifications.

Your first 200 parcels each month are included in the monthly membership fee.

Collect Proof-of-Pickup

Recipients pick-up packages by presenting the QR codes attached in the email notifications. These unique QR codes serve as proof of collection. A signature can also be obtained by the person receiving the parcel.

Easily Manage Directory

Our directory management system allows your staff to manage the company directory to ensure that all of your incoming packages are directed to the right person every time.