Grow Your Business

All channels are covered with our easy
and intuitive Direct Mail and Email
marketing applications. Use our data
tools app to ensure your data is up to
date before your next campaign.

DIY Direct Mail

eConnect Plus DIY Direct Mail online allows our customers
to save time and money by preparing their Direct Mail
campaigns online.

Easy Targeting

Customers can upload their artwork or
choose from a large range of artwork
available in the library. Choosing your target
market is made easy by using our online
geocoding tool. Simply draw the area you
want and you will receive a fully costed
campaign complete with the number of
letterboxes you will be sending to.

This is a perfect tool for businesses wanting
to target specific streets where a tailored
message is required.

Streamlined System

Proof your artwork online and send to us for approval. Once the artwork has been submitted and approved an email is sent to confirm the order and summary of the job including. Access both of Australia Post’s addressed and unaddressed services using:
  • + DL Postcards
  • + DLX Postcards
  • + MAXPOP Postcards
  • + A4 (2pp)
  • + A4 (4pp)
Benefits eConnect Plus Digital delivers:
  • + Immediate cost savings
  • + Less reliance on costly Advertising Agencies
  • + Reduce returned mail
  • + Increase accountability and transparency
  • + Share template between departments
  • + Increased productivity
  • + Ensure brand consistency

Email/SMS + Social Media

Over 70 free professionally designed mobile friendly
templates plus a powerful drag and drop editor.

Hassle-free Email Campaigns

Our hassle-free drag and drop editor plus
built-in image editor make it super simple to
get started with email marketing.

You don’t need to know anything about
HTML! Easily customise our professionally
designed email templates or create your
own. Watch your email campaign results
unfold live and see who received, opened,
clicked and shared your emails.

Segmentation is a breeze

Device split shows who is reading your emails
on a desktop vs a mobile. You can then see
specific types of mobile devices.

Use click maps for a quick visual
representation of your email clicks. Find out
which email addresses bounced and why. You
can then determine whether you want to
deactivate them or not.

Easily customise our professionally designed
email templates or create your own.
Segmentation is a breeze. Use spreadsheet
view to slice and dice data for easy
segmentation. Combined with the dynamic
content tool this allows you to create one email
with dierent content for each segment of your

Built in functions

In-built features to help you adhere to the
Spam Act. Gain consent and collect
subscriber double opt ins with web forms.
Unsubscribe management including a one
click unsubscribe function.

+ Get valuable insights from every campaign
you send with interactive reports.

+ Synchronise your email marketing with your
social networks. Automatically publish
messages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Allow customers to share your emails with
social sharing options.

+ Send targeted SMS messages or business
reminders and confirmations from an easy to
use interface.

+ Branded newsletters sign up forms,
competition entry forms, surveys ad more.
Easily add you website and social media

Data Tools

Data Tools’ capture technology increases efficiency by
streamlining address entry, whether it’s verifying postal,
mobile or email address.

Accurate data with less eort

This technology also ensures that you get
accurate data at the front-end thus
minimising downstream issues. Improve not
only the quality of the address data
captured but also the user experience by
shortening data-entry time.

More Data Sources

Data Tools’ data enhancement platform
aggregates multiple verified data sources
and services into one streamlined platform.
And because we know data is only as good
as it is relevant, the OptiSource System™
gives you instant access to the best data
sources for your specific tasks. That means
more data that’s more relevant to you. And
when it comes to up-front accuracy, this can
make all the difference.

Format, clean, repair and verify addresses
automatically, with 100% accuracy, and no

Human Touch™ Logic

Data Tools’ advanced “Human Touch” logic
enables batches of existing address data to
be cleansed in real-time. The Human Touch™
logic will take the full address and
intelligently make sense of information in
the same intuitive way a human would.

Some of the key features include:

  • + Managing Return to Sender Mail
  • + Mailing Address Look Up and Repair
  • + Mobile Phone and Email Validation
  • + Australian National Change of Address
    (NCOA) processing
  • + Australia Post AMAS Certified
  • + Batch load and export options