Workflow Automation

Automation of daily workflows using auto responders are being increasingly used by Corporate businesses over recent years.

Setting up these processes can take a great deal of time to perfect but once done are an invaluable tool for you to free up your time to work on more important things. CommSafe takes a non-intrusive approach by augmenting your current practices and thereby avoiding IT and other blocks to process improvement.

Workflow Automation

Benefits eConnect Plus Workflow Automation:

eConnect Digital provides local phone and personal support to assist in setting up these tasks (cyclic and adhoc workflows are supported by CommSafe).

We also conduct Master Classes on each of the applications to help you make the most of the functionality. If the workflow needed doesn’t exist we can readily develop it. Even the smallest business can look like a Corporate if their systems are set up correctly.

+ Automate the resources that will receive the signed agreement i.e.: sales and contract management.
Can be multi-layer with pass forward steps. (e.g. Sales to Contract to Despatch) + And finally determine the destination folder that you want to document to be stored in your Commsafe Doc Hub.

+ Once the work flow is set up and working you just need to execute the work flow and the steps above will happen automatically.
+ The same process can be used for any reoccurring task in your business