Electronic Signature

Whether you’re approving a purchase, closing a sale, or signing an agreement, it’s easy with CommSafe’s reliable and trusted electronic signature service.

Make your business stand above the pack by connecting the electronic signature service with an automated workflow and one click can get the signature captured, document returned and confirmation sent. For a multiple signature document, you control who signs where within a document through workflow signature assignment. We can even add the process to archive every iteration of the document in CommSafe using a fully encrypted and secure storage option.

Electronic Signature

Benefits of using Electronic Signature:

+ Improved efficiency by getting your documents back quicker
+ You can track your document through all points of its fulfilment life cycle
+ Your customer saves time by not having to print, sign, scan and email or post
+ You can automate the documents’ delivery method

+ A copy of your signed Documents are securely stored
+ CommSafe credentials are applied to each signature step
+ Added features like SMS password can be added to verify the receiver’s identity

Electronic Signature

Why use CommSafe?

CommSafe is an online secure and private communication platform that supports your document fulfilment cycle from creation to endpoint. Lifecycle events such as approvals and signature capture are native. Routine and bespoke events are equally catered for. You can create individual accounts for your internal customers and securely share connections which will assist you in managing specific tasks such as sales quotations, contracts, annual leave, rosters, sick leave etc.

Communication delivery covers electronic and hardcopy channels and rules-based redirecting or duplication to multiple channels is native. Ideal for send legacy batch and back office print into a managed multi-channel reality without major upstream investment.

All information is stored in an ISO27001 approved data centre here in Australia, so if your company is hit by a Malware virus, you can be assured that your information is protected.