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eConnect+ Digital enables our customers to prepare their communication documents from the desktop and submit them seamlessly for us to print, fold, insert and lodge.

Customers can also choose to have the communication delivered by email or SMS.

To achieve this, eConnect+ Digital utilises Inspire Hybrid Mail software. We have worked with the technology provider to ensure consideration is given for our customers’ branding, workflow and preferred delivery channel. eConnect+ Digital helps eliminate unstructured, ad-hoc mail processed by staff within your organisation.

Reduce the hidden costs of mail with a single mouse click by delivering the administration and processing of mail to us.

Our digital mail service is tailored to individual customer requirements.

Contact your account manager to find out more.

Benefits eConnect+ Digital delivers through Inspire HybridMail:
  • immediate cost savings
  • increase control and reduce corporate risk
  • reduce returned mail
  • increase accountability and transparency
  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • ensure brand consistency
Why has eConnect+ Digital chosen Inspire HybridMail?

HybridMail is a next-generation print and mail management software that, in three steps, centralises the printing and fulfilment of everyday documents. This connection delivers savings through bulk postal discounts and reduced operational costs, while increasing staff productivity and document security.

Savings delivered to your business

eConnect+ Digital delivers you savings on every letter. You only pay for the number of documents that are processed and there are no upfront software costs. You start saving as soon as you implement the software.

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